Mission Industry. Religion and Modernization During High Modernity


Technological modernization and secularization have long been considered connected paradigms of progressive development. The increased consciousness of the importance of religion is viewed today as a rebuttal of this assumption. Religious critique, which is evidence of the current secularization paradigm and is oriented towards technical rationality, has not only developed in Europe. This is the backdrop of the upcoming talks, in which religious explanation of the industralization and urbanization processes at the start of the technocratic high modernity (circa 1870) to the end in the '70s will be discussed.

Where? Hörsaal HKW 2
Speaker Professor Axel Siegemund, Hemmerle Foundation Professorship for Questions on Theology, Natural Science, and Technology, at the RWTH Aachen Institute of Catholic Theology
When? Tuesdays, 6:30 to 8pm
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Chair of Systematic Theology at RWTH in cooperation with


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This event will be held in German.