Doctoral Jubilee 2018 – Prelude to a Perfect Graduation Celebration


It was a great opening to the festive events of the day: On the occasion of this year's RWTH graduation celebration, 24 golden and 77 silver jubilareans, who completed their doctorates at the Aachen-based university 25 or 50 years ago, followed the invitation of their "Alma Mater Aquensis" to celebrate their jubilees and accept their renewal certificates.

  Group photo of the 2018 Doctoral Jubilarians Copyright: © Kurt Beyer To remember a perfect day by, the obligatory group photo of this year's doctoral jubilarians was not to be missed.

In the afternoon, alongside parents, professors and numerous guests of honor, the doctoral jubilarians also took part in the graduation celebration to give the latest round of RWTH graduates a great send-off at the Aachen Soers dressage stadium.

RWTH's new Rector Professor Ulrich Rüdiger, despite having a tight schedule, was not to be dissuaded from personally greeting the doctoral jubilarians. He emphasized how important it is for RWTH to create those special moments for the young graduates and for the doctoral jubilarians in particular – special moments that will always remain in everyone's memory, but at the same time also strengthen the emotional ties to the university. Professor Bernd Markert, Rector's Delegate for the RWTH Alumni Network, in his welcome address to the jubilarians pointed out that younger generations stand much to gain by honoring the wealth of knowledge and experience the alumni have gathered over their lives. "In the past, most mechanical engineering students were able to disassemble and reassemble an engine on their own, now many young people can only experience this feat in virtual reality."

After receiving their renewal certificates from Vice-Rectors Professor Doris Klee, Professor Aloys Krieg, and Professor Matthias Wessling, everyone enjoyed the opportunity to trade anecdotes or simply reminisce in a relaxed atmosphere. Some of the silver jubilarians' doctoral supervisors were also delighted to meet their former doctoral students again. The rest of the day in the Soers was also greatly enjoyed by everyone, not least due to the glass of champagne or the beautiful sunshine.