"Uni at City Hall" Panel Discussion on Telemedicine




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The City of Aachen and RWTHextern are hosting a panel discussion on the topic of Telemedicine as part of the "Uni at City Hall" event series.


Under the title of “Telemedicine - Part of Everyday Life or Vision for the Future?”, Jens Tervooren will discuss the current practice and future prospects of telemedicine with panelists Dr. Michael Czaplik from Uniklinik RWTH Aachen, Akram Idrissi from the RWTH Institute of Textile Technology, and Dr. Ivo Grebe from the Clinic Medical Center Aachen.

When the doctor comes to your house via computer screen, or a specialist communicates with the EMT at the scene of an accident, or your family practitioner asks a collegue to virtually join him for a better diagnosis: Three scenarios that are happening already, or have partly been tested, and are continuously being improved.

But how comprehensively is telemedicine really being practiced these days? Will we be able to skip the visit to our family practitioner completely in the future? What are the technical and financial prerequisites to be able to provide telemedical care in an optimal way? These and other relevant questions about telemedicine will be discussed by the Aachen experts and their audience.

Admission to the event is free of charge; registration is not required.