Talk: Pupils with Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties


On December 5, RWTH will host a public lecture on the topic of inclusion at school, focusing on the problems posed by pupils with emotional and behavioral difficulties. The speaker, Professor Elisabeth von Stechow, is a special education specialist with a focus on learning assistance and pedagogy for pupils with emotional and social difficulties.


Professor von Stechow, who teaches at Justus Liebig University at Giessen, will talk on the problem of children and young adults with special educational needs who display challenging, disruptive or disturbing behavior in class and are perceived as threatening by their peers and teachers alike.

As Stechow explains, “The pupils' disruptive and dysfunctional behaviors are oftentimes a meaningful expression of inner pain and can be seen as a cry for help.” Nevertheless, many teachers at inclusive schools do not feel responsible for their integration and inclusion, or they feel overwhelmed by the situation. Thus there is the danger of inclusion turning into exclusion.

The public lecture, which is followed by an open discussion, is hosted by the "Diversity" Teaching and Research Department at the Institute of Educational Science. It is targeted at teachers, students, parents, and the interested public. It is scheduled to take place on December 5, 6:30 to 8pm, RWTH Main Building, Room 1010/01, Templergraben 55.

Please note that the lecture will be given in German.