DFG to Fund Joint Projects Between RWTH and AMO




Max Lemme


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The joint research concerned with flexible devices and circuits for wireless communications will be conducted at the Aachen Center for Graphene & 2D Materials.


The German Research Foundation DFG will continue to fund the “High Frequency Flexible Bendable Electronics for Wireless Communication Systems” project (FFlexCom) in a second funding period, running between 2018 and 2021. The funding volume for the five sub-projects, which will be carried out at the Aachen Center for Graphen & 2D Materials, amounts to approximately one million euros.

The first funding period, which started in 2015, saw a successful collaboration between project partners AMO and RWTH. The aim was to enable the production of functional, bendable circuits with sufficiently high operating frequencies for wireless communications. Due to its high degree of flexibility, Graphene is particularly suited to this purpose thanks to its high flexibility and its special high-frequency properties.

The project “GLECS - Graphene Enabled Flexible High-Frequency Electronic Circuits,” led by RWTH Professor Renato Negra, Chair of High Frequency Electronics, and Dr. Daniel Neumaier, AMO, has provided important contributions in the form of flexible communications circuits based on graphene. In the second funding period, the emphasis will shift from circuit design and fabrication to systems realization.

Moreover, in the newly approved project “MOSTFLEX – Scalable MoS2-Based Flexible Devices and Circuits for Wireless Communications,“ RWTH and AMO will strive to provide new opportunities for future flexible electronics. RWTH professors Max Lemme and Renato Negra and AMO scientist Dr. Zhenxing Wang will investigate the properties of the new 2D material MoS2 with the aim of applying it in the development of field effect transistors, various communications components, and, finally, a fully wireless data communications system based on flexible substrates.