RWTH Master's Students Rank University Highly


Students of the Master's degree programs in mathematics, physics, and computer science have given RWTH excellent scores. 


From May to August 2021, the students were able to participate in an online survey conducted by the Centre for Higher Education Development, CHE for short. They gave the University and their course of study grades ranging from very good to unsatisfactory. In addition, the survey included 27 further questions grouped into six indicators: teaching offers, study organization, supervision, support during studies, academic relevance as well as the transition between Bachelor's and Master's studies.

The mathematics, physics, and computer science degree programs all scored well in the overall evaluation and are above the German average for the respective subjects: In mathematics, RWTH scored 1.6, compared to a grade of 1.8 across all German universities, in physics the University’s grade of 1.7 was better than the German average of 1.9, and computer science also ranked higher, with a score of 1.9 compared to the German average of 2.0.

Physics students are particularly satisfied with the organization of their studies, which they rated 1.4. They praised the appropriate number of participants and the accessibility of the courses. The international orientation of the courses and the opportunity to focus on specific topics were also positively rated aspects. Aachen's physics was only rated below the average of German universities in 2 of 28 questions.

With its comprehensive range of courses, RWTH’s Department of Computer Science was particularly praised for the range of content of the lectures and courses on offer as well as the general freedom students have to choose from different courses.

Mathematics students particularly appreciate the transition between the Bachelor's and Master's programs in addition to the study organization, which they rated 1.4. Study organization involves the recognition of academic achievements, admission requirements, and support with formal procedures at the beginning of the Master's degree program.

The results of the rankings are now available on the website. They will also be published in the ZEIT Campus magazines on November 30, 2021, for computer science and February 8, 2022, for mathematics and physics.