RWTH and FH Orientation Programs for Prospective Engineering Students


The new "Electrical Engineering with Orientation Semester“ course of study, offered jointly by FH and RWTH, will start in March 2019.


Since 2015, RWTH Aachen University and FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences have been offering the A Good Academic Start in Engineering program, which helps orient students and makes their start in an engineering course of study easier.

Prospective students and students wishing to change their course of study are able to simultaneously enroll at both educational institutions and attend classes. This allows them to find out which university and which course of study – electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, or civil engineering – best suits them. For further information, please visit the German-language project website at Guter Studienstart (de).

New Program in Electrical Engineering

Starting today, prospective students have the opportunity to apply for the 7-semester “Electrical Engineering with Orientation Semester“ course of study, which was developed based on the “Good Academic Start” project. In the first term, the students attend introductory classes at both FH and RWTH and participate in fundamental courses in math, physics, and electrical engineering.

In addition, there will be several orientation events outlining the differences between both institutions. After having gained first impressions in the summer term, the students then choose what university and what course of study to enroll in in the upcoming winter term.

Prospective students please apply to the Registrar’s Office of FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences.