RWTH Aachen Scientists Among World's Most Cited Researchers


Six RWTH Aachen researchers have been admitted to the "2018 Highly Cited Researchers" list.


RWTH Aachen University has much reason to be pleased: Six professors have been acknowledged as among the world's most cited scientific minds for their production of research papers at the Aachen-based university. Chemical scientist Magnus Rueping as well as the two biologists Joost van Dongen and Björn Usadel had already been included in last year's list. In 2018, physicist Laura Baudis, materials scientist Rainer Waser, and chemical scientist Dieter Enders, have also made it onto the list, having published a high number of outstanding papers at RWTH.

In the field of the siences and social sciences, citations indicate how important and relevant papers are and are also often seen as an indicator of the quality of the work. The more a text is being cited, the more it and the author themselves become visible and are perceived as influential. "Publishing papers is at the core of researchers' scientific work and we are very happy that RWTH features so prominently among the list of outstanding scientific minds ," Ulrich Rüdiger, Rector of RWTH Aachen, stated. "Their excellent research contributions greatly add to RWTH's very good reputation nationwide and across the globe."

Source: Press and Communications