Learning Environments and Mentoring for Students


RWTH Aachen collaborates with seven other universities in the joint venture project tech4comp.


The Chair of Computer Science 5 (Information Systems) is involved in the joint network project "Personalized Competence Development through Scalable Mentoring Processes – tech4comp." Unitl March 2022, eight universities will be researching concepts for personalized learning environments and mentoring for students. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, BMBF, is financing the work within the framework of the "Innovation Potential of Digital Higher Education" funding line with a total budget of 7.4 million euros, with around 700,000 euros going to the RWTH Chair.

Dr. Ralf Klamma and his team develop methods for the determination of relevant personal characteristics, for competence assessments and context information for multimodal learning analytics. They examine existing data sources within universities and new sources such as open badges or portable sensors with regard to their suitability for mentoring. The focus is on the speed of evaluation, aggregation and linking of data for personalized recommendations as well as data security and privacy issues.

Source: Press and Communications