47,269 Students Currently Enrolled at RWTH


Student numbers at RWTH Aachen University remain high.


As of December 1 of this year, 47,269 students are enrolled at RWTH for the 2021/22 winter semester – 15,516 of them women. Compared to the previous year, the total number of students has increased by 96, and the proportion of women remains at 33 percent. 9,650 first-semester students are currently pursuing a degree at RWTH.

International interest in studying at RWTH has also grown. 13,354 of our students are citizens of other countries, compared to 12,477 last year.

With 12,651 students – 2,327 of them in their first semester – the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is the largest faculty here at RWTH, one of Germany's Universities of Excellence.