Going Abroad Soon? Rent Out Your Place to International Students!

  Students dressed up, wearing crowns Copyright: © Stanislava Petkova

Are you studying at RWTH and have received an acceptance letter for a stay abroad? Congratulations! We are sure that you will have a unique, exciting, and, above all, unforgettable experience abroad.

Have you already thought about what you will do with your place in Aachen while you are away? Some students decide to sublet and offer their room or apartment to international students via the International Office program My Home is your Castle!

There are several advantages to this:

  • You get your room or apartment back when you return.
  • Students usually come to Aachen at similar times (between September and October in the winter semester, February and April in the summer semester).
  • You can get in touch with students from your host university or country and get tips and tricks from locals.
  • You will help another student in a difficult situation and can even have this recognized as part of the Certificate International!


Please read the conditions of the offer form carefully and send it to us filled out and signed by .

If you would like to have your participation in My Home is Your Castle recognized as part of the International Certificate, please ask us about the conditions and formalities for this process!

What happens next?

  • The Housing Advice Service Team from the International Office collects all My Home is your Castle offers and forwards them to international students who are looking for a place to stay in Aachen.
  • If you are interested, the international students will contact you directly!
  • For more information, contact us via .

Important note

Please check in advance with your landlord or landlady (private or Studierendenwerk) whether subleasing is permitted where you live. The offer form does not replace Studierendenwerk's subletting application and is not a rental agreement. You can find the Studierendenwerk conditions in the FAQ.


We would greatly appreciate it if you offered your support. We hope you have a fun and successful stay abroad.