Experts Meet to Discuss Near-Natural River Development


49th International Symposium on Hydraulic Engineering in Aachen.


River systems in Middle Europe are rarely near-natural habitats anymore nowadays, but instead they are anthropogenous, that is affected by human interference. Stream restorations should reduce these anthropogenic impacts on watershed systems, create habitats in and around rivers, and improve the structure, fauna and flora of rivers. These are the key topics on the agenda of the 49th International Symposium on Hydraulic Engineering in Aachen on January 10 and 11, 2019, with the title 'Near-Natural River Development - Contributions from Practice and Research.' The event will take place at the Technology Centre Aachen (AGIT), Dennewartstraße 25 to 27.

Changes in land use, agriculture and forestry, industry, mining activities, measures taken for flood prevention and the safeguarding of potable water supply, hydroplants, or shipping activity all result in changed flow characteristics of rivers and thus have a marked effect on the watershed ecosystems. Near-natural river development is a topic of lasting relevance that is continuously affected by new requirements, changed conditions, and new insights. Due to the dynamic processes and complex interactions at work in river systems, measures undertaken to restore streams to a near-natural state are costly, complicated and lengthy.

The Symposium is well-received among experts as an opportunity to meet and catch up on the latest developments in their field. It is targeted in particular at engineers and natural scientists in the areas of hydraulic engineering and water management, but it is, in fact, open to all those with an interest in the topic. Owing to the timeliness and relevance of the subject, approximately 500 guests from Germany and abroad are expected to participate.

The event is sponsored by the NRW Ministry for Environment, Agriculture, Conservation and Consumer Protection, proRWTH, and the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources (IWW) booster club. Participation is free of charge and prior registration is not required.

Source: Press and Communications