Vocational Training Successfully Completed

Copyright: © Andreas Schmitter

58 apprentices at RWTH Aachen received their certificates of completion. Heike Krier from IHK Aachen and RWTH Chancellor Manfred Nettekoven congratulated the graduates during a celebration at the RWTH Guest House.


The largest group of successful apprentices was in the vocation of industrial mechanic, with graduates Maurice Book, Helen Grein, Fabian Hollenbrock, Christian Jung, Julian Bryan Klein, Simon Koll, Fabian Konstantin Krämer, Stefan Kühne, Nils Kupfer, Nico Lange, David Metzler, Justin Michael Nowak, Christian Rajh, Yannick Reuters, Nderim Rexhepaj, Uwe Vorlob, Lucas Weber, and Marcel Rene Wittich.

Sarah Ann Staud, Janko Stoffels und Dennis Christoph Wiecha were successfully trained as chemical laboratory assistants.

Jan-Eric Staffel is now a IT specialist focusing on application development.

Patrick Geuenich, Malte Küppers, Albert Repp, Christoph Schmitz and David Walzer are now IT specialists with a focus on systems integration.

Completing a dual degree, Oliver Brudny, Daniel Uwe Goth, Dominic Mingers and Tim Schloemer are now industrial mechanics.

The following individuals are now management assistants for office management: Natascha Meyer, Katharina Simons, and Jaqueline Wiese.

Luca Ewald Antwerpen, Niclas Kielkowski and Tim Rinkens passed the exam to become automotive mechatronics engineers.

Saskia Kals, Gianluca Kubbat, Tatjana Karagüven, Ann-Sophie Mathar and Mara Stollenwerk were successfully trained as technical product designers.

Deborah Mingers successfully completed her training as a carpenter.

Christopher Wels is now a process technician.

Julia Tauchert und Hendrik Söllner successfully completed their training as materials testers.