Digital Teaching in the Curriculum: Second Call – Category 2 – July 2021

Project Contact Faculty/Department
Quantitative Biology and Computer Applications Dr. Richard Ottermanns Biology Department
Dr. Helen Rosenkranz
Joint application from the Chemistry and Biology departments for funding as part of the “Digital Teaching in the Curriculum” competition Prof. Elmar Weinhold Biology Department
Prof. Sonja Herres-Pawlis Chemistry Department
Feedback-based Digital Teaching and Learning Instruments to Support Lab Courses and Lectures (2nd Round) Prof. Michael Schroeder Chemistry Department
Prof. Dominik Wöll
P4J: Python for OO/Java Programmers Prof. Ulrik Schroeder Department of Computer Science
Individual Learning Module "C and Shell Programming" (C&Shell) Prof. Klaus Wehrle Department of Computer Science
Prof. Stefan Kowalewski
Self-Study Module: Tools for Software Development Prof. Bernhard Rumpe Department of Computer Science
Self-Study Module: C++ for Numerical Simulations Prof. Uwe Naumann Department of Computer Science
Moodle Model Check Prof. Jakob Beetz Faculty of Architecture
Thomas Stachelhau
IDEA League MOOC - The Impact of Technological Innovation on the Transformation of City Regions Dr. Ceren Sezer Faculty of Architecture
Prof. Christa Reicher

Digital Portfolio in the Basic Module Structural Analysis

Prof. Sven Klinkel Faculty of Civil Engineering
Digital Railway Lab Dr. Felix Lampe Faculty of Civil Engineering
Dr. Bastian Kogel
Digital Questionnaire for the Generation of Modular E-Tests Prof. Katharina Schmitz Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Interactive Live Experiments for Flipped Classroom Events Prof. Karl Alexander Heufer Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Serious Gaming in Machine Design II Prof. Burkhard Corves Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Jan-Lukas Archut
Thermo Guide: Placement Test and Individual Study Planning Prof. Niklas von der Assen Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Hagen Seele
Digital Teaching and Assessment Concept for Materials Chemistry Prof. Jochen M. Schneider Department of Materials Science and Materials Engineering
Interactive Notes for Solving Problems in Self-Study to Promote Digital and Independent Learning Prof. Herbert Pfeifer Department of Materials Science and Materials Engineering
Fabian Scheck

Introduction to Geoscientific Programming with Python (B.Sc. + M.Sc.) - Curriculum -

Prof. Florian Wellmann Department of Geosciences and Geography
Jan von Harten
Photonic Integrated Circuit Design and Applications Prof. Jeremy Witzens

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Learning Videos for Three Lectures Related to Certain Periods in Time – "Introduction to Historical Studies"

Prof. Florian Hartmann

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Prof. Klaus Freitag
Prof. Elke Seefried
Prof. Harald Müller
Prof. Christine Roll
AIxercise – An AI Exercise Component Based on a Competitive Pac-Man Game Johannes Neuhaus Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Dr. Stefan Schiffer Department of Computer Science
Open Educational Resources and Blended Learning for Introduction to Programming for Business Analytics (a mandatory course in the Bachelor's course) Prof. Michael Schneider School of Business and Economics
Stefan Bomsdorf
Rossana Cavagnini. Ph.D.
Murwan Siddig, Ph.D.