We warmly welcome international students to RWTH Aachen University in the summer semester 2022 with the Welcome Week!


The International Office welcomes all new international students of summer term 2022 with an orientation program to ensure a good start in the first semester at RWTH and in Aachen.



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The Welcome Week will take place from March 29, 2022 to April 01, 2022 and will begin with the official virtual kick-off event. During this week, students will receive important information about studying and living in Aachen. The program, which is tailored to the needs and interests of international students, will take place online and on-site and ensure a good start and quick integration in Aachen.

Important information sessions related to organizational procedures or residence law are explained in detail by the respective experts and are offered online to enable the new students to become acquainted with central services and important partners of RWTH Aachen University from abroad.

Prior to the Welcome Week, the RWTH Start Pack event on 15 March informs students though online sessions about important processes related to the early preparation of their stay in Aachen, like online enrollment, health insurance or more importantly house-hunting.

In addition, we are delighted to offer an on-site program: a collective lunch at Mensa Academica, campus and library Tours, a movie night, a pubquiz and the very popular Freshers’ Fair. These events give the students the opportunity to get to know each other and socialize. This year, RWTH students newly returned from abroad may also look forward to a new event called “Welcome Home Feast” organized by the International Office to welcome them back to Aachen and help form bonds between local and international students. Socializing and a good integration in the student community are the key to prevent isolation and contribute considerably to successful studies.

RWTH students who support the International Office voluntarily during the Welcome Weeks (the so-called Welcome Week Volunteers) may have their involvement recognized under the Certificate International program. In addition, the Info Service Center offers webinars on important topics in cooperation with the respective experts regularly during the semester. All the Welcome Week recordings and materials are uploaded on our Latecomer website to provide information for international latecomers.

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