Standing in Solidarity With Ukraine


The Russian attack on Ukraine fills RWTH and its members with horror, concern, and compassion. RWTH condemns all violence and violations of international law. “We are committed to helping students and researchers in the Ukrainian war zone and those who are fleeing to the greatest extent possible,” explains the University’s rectorate.

The sanctions against Russia also have consequences for the scientific community, meaning that the following shall apply for all facilities, institutes, and members of RWTH until further notice:

  • All University collaborations with the Russian Federation are to be suspended. This includes, with immediate effect, any mutual exchanges (incoming and outgoing) of students and University staff with Russian institutions. Russian students and scholars already at RWTH are and will remain a part of the university community. “RWTH does not judge or exclude anyone based on their nationality. We explicitly recognize and honor Russian protest and resistance to the war,” states the rectorate. Russian students at RWTH will naturally be able to continue their studies or work.
  • Scientific collaborations with state institutions and commercial enterprises in Russia will be suspended with immediate effect.
  • Joint scientific and research policy events, publications, and all other publicly visible or media exploitable activities with Russian partners will be suspended.
  • No new cooperation projects shall be initiated.

With these actions, RWTH is following the guidance of the Federal Government and the Alliance of Science Organizations. Individual communication and personal exchange with Russian scientists may continue, but institutional support for collaborations is banned in all cases.

“RWTH is a place of diversity, togetherness, and solidarity. We gladly offer advice and assistance to all RWTH members personally affected by war and crises,” emphasizes the rectorate. Ukrainian and all other international students and employees can contact the International Office for support. Department 4.0 – Research is available for questions related to externally funded projects, and the Legal Department can be contacted for legal questions. In addition, the Center for Mental Health and the Psychological Counseling Service of the Student Advice Centre are both open to students, and the Social Counseling Service is available to all employees.