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Online workshop and online presentation offered by the RWTH Student Advice Centre


How do I find the degree program that’s right for me? School students can pursue this question on Friday, March 11, 2022, in the online workshop “Dein Weg zu einer guten Studienentscheidung” from 10am to 4pm. The online workshop will be offered in German and can be attended from a computer at home. In addition to general explanations on everyday life at university and on possible courses of study, there will be instructions on how to explore your aptitude and interests as well as decision-making aids and research exercises to get better oriented.

Please send registrations by email only, stating your full name and age, to the contact address below. Learn more about technical aspects here.

What does going to university even mean?

On Tuesday, March 8, 2022, the RWTH Student Advice Centre will also offer a presentation for prospective students titled “Die Welt des Studiums begreifen! Was heißt überhaupt studieren?.” In this presentation, which is also held in German, participants will be given general information surrounding university studies. They will also gain some initial insights into what to expect of life at a university and after entering a degree program. This event is also offered online and can be attended from a home computer.

Participation in both the workshop and presentation is free of charge. Learn more about advising offers here.