Center for Computational Engineering Science

  CES Researcher at her desk Copyright: © Peter Winandy

Researchers  from various natural science and engineering disciplines closely work together at the RWTH Aachen CCES on the further development of mathematical modelling methods, and the simulation and optimization of technical and scientific systems.


Modern simulation tools have become indispensable in industry. With the help of such tools, planning and optimization of growing complexity are being implemented in many different industrial branches - for example automobile - and aircraft manufacturing, in the chemical industry, or biomedical technology.

However, the simple availability of more and more high-performance computers is not sufficient for solving the technological and scientific challenges of the future. The actual difficulties lie in the mathematical presentation - the modelling - of the technical question and its implementation on the computer with methods from computer science.

The CCES is a collaborative effort of 22 regular and associated institutes from five faculties: mathematics, computer science, and natural sciences; mechanical engineering; georesources and materials engineering; electrical engineering and information technology; and medicine.