Finding Companies


Finding the right company and the right job is a difficult and often time-consuming process. Sometimes, online job sites cannot even use your course of study as a search criterion. That is why we have developed a matching tool exclusively for RWTH students and set up a jobs database. In addition, we are offering company video clips in our Pitchbox and have created a company profiles section with numerous exciting entries.



Anja Robert

Career Center Coordinator, Company Cooperations, Advising Services


+49 241 80 99122



Matching Tool

The special thing about this tool is: You can select your degree program, and we show you a number of companies that are looking for graduates from your field. What’s more, the tool also indicates the fit between you and prospective employers based on your studies. The matching process draws on the content of your studies as specified in the degree regulations and on the feedback we have received from companies. So if you are looking for an employer, why not give our matching tool a try?

Digital Career Days

Every semester, numerous companies from a wide range of industries present themselves in the Digital Career Days event series. In the archive at Past Digital Career Days you will find companies that have participated in the Digital Career Days in the past. Similar to a trade show catalog, this archive provides a great resource for finding numerous companies from the consulting, mobility, construction, sustainability, and other sectors.

Jobs Database

Our jobs database has numerous job postings from companies from a variety of sectors explicitly aimed at students and graduates of RWTH.


On our Pitchbox page, you will find short clips and video messages from companies with appealing entry-level opportunities for RWTH students and doctoral candidates.

Company Profiles

The Career Center also has many companies as good partners who support us in many ways and look for RWTH graduates on an ongoing basis. Many of these companies present themselves at the bonding fair in Aachen every year. To learn more about these companies, read their company profiles.