Info Service Center for Students

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Service Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 9:30am to 12:30pm

Wednesday from 9:30am to 12:30pm and 1:30 to 4pm



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Are you planning to spend a semester abroad or do an internship at RWTH Aachen University? Here you can find important information about formal requirements for one of our exchange or mobility programs, application procedures, as well as advice on planning and organizing your stay at RWTH Aachen as a visiting student. We look forward to meeting you!

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Study abroad in Sweden and in internship in the USA shortly before writing your thesis? Here you find information about possibilities for stays abroad, where internships abroad are offered, and how to organize study abroad.

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Welcome Center for Researchers

Welcome Services Team © Copyright: Claudia Pankanin/RWTH Aachen

We advise and support international researchers who are planning a stay at RWTH Aachen University. Furthermore, we provide assistance for self-help in non-academic matters concerning your stay in Aachen. Photo: Nadine Hermanns

Service Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9:30am to 12:30pm and Wednesdays 1 to 4pm

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Degree Students

A group of RWTH alumni at the graduation celebration © Copyright: Kurt Beyer

You are interested in completing a bachelor, master or doctoral degree at RWTH Aachen University? You will find more information on the following webpages.



Internationalization Report on a desk © Copyright: Nadine Hermanns

Here you can find out more about RWTH Aachen's internationalization strategy and current projects and dates.

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Welcome Week

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We are very pleased to invite you – our new international students at RWTH – to our Welcome Week!

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Information for Faculties

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Information on aspects of RWTH Aachen University's internationalization especially geared towards institutes and faculty can be found in the University's intranet.

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IntSpire – The Prize for Internationalization

Three blue balloons © Copyright: Stanislava Petkova

With the new prize, 2020 IntSpire, RWTH will honor individuals and institutions at the University that have made an extraordinary contribution to its further internationalization.

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two students upon arrival at the train station © Copyright: Anna Horst

BeBuddy is a mentoring program offered by the RWTH Aachen International Office. It was established to help new, enrolled international students with the start of their studies at the University and everyday life in Aachen.

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Certificate International

A stack of certificates © Copyright: Nadine Hermanns

Are you studying at RWTH Aachen and plan on completing a semester abroad soon? Do you feel at home here and want to contribute to the University's internationalization? Then we have just the thing for you!

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Extracurricular & Leisure Activities

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Academic Assistance for Refugees

People in advisory conversation © Copyright: Tatiana Reichert

By providing targeted advising early on, the RWTH Aachen International Office wishes to ensure that refugees interested in studies obtain information about the requirements for university admission and about what steps they may need to take to qualify for studies.

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Humboldt Haus

Humboldt Haus gate © Copyright: Nadine Hermanns

As an international meeting place and event location for international/intercultural events, the Humboldt Haus offers a large and diverse program.

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Coronavirus FAQ

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In this section you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the coronavirus.

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