Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks


Structured Doctoral Training in Networks From Several European Institutions

Innovative Training Networks, ITN for short, support the structured training of young early-stage researchers, particularly doctoral candidates, with networks made up of multiple European institutions within an international, interdisciplinary, and intersectoral research area. With the ITNs, the EU provides funding to research teams with a recognized international format, which are pursuing top, multi-national collaborative research projects with partners both in and outside of academia.


Objectives and Content of the Funding

ITN pursue the goals of structuring existing training opportunities for young researchers. In addition, deployments to academic and non-academic institutions as well as numerous training opportunities are intended to improve the career prospects of scientists in the long term.

Funding will be provided for networks for up to four years. The calls for proposals are open to all topics. In addition to financing young researchers, training and networking activities will also be funded. ITN exclusively fund so-called early stage researchers, or ESR for short, i.e. researchers in the first four years of their research career who do not have a doctorate.


Innovative Training Networks in Horizon Europe

ITN will also be important in Horizon Europe, the upcoming EU supporting program for research and innovation. Horizon Europe is set to start January 1, 2021, when the funding line will continue to support mobility and training of ECR unter the new name of "doctoral networks".

In the table below you will find an overview of all current and completed ITN at RWTH and Uniklinik RWTH Aachen.


Innovative Training Networks (H2020) with RWTH involvement

Acronym Title Contact RWTH as
ATHORAdvanced THermomechanical mOdelling of Refractory liningsProf. Dr. Rainer TellePartner
ModLifeAdvancing Modelling for Process-Product Innovation, Optimization, Monitoring and Control in Life Science IndustriesProf. Alexander Mitsos Ph.D.Partner
AutoCheMoAutomatic generation of Chemical ModelsProf. Dr. Kai LeonhardPartner
CaReSyAnCombatting the CardioRenal Syndrome: towards an integrative Analysis reduce cardiovascular burden in chronic kidney diseaseProf. Dr. Joachim JankowskiCoordinator
XS-MetaCross-scale concurrent material-structure design using functionally-graded 3D-printed matematerialsProf. Dr. Stefanie ReesePartner
EASYGOEfficiency and Safety in Geothermal OperationsProf. Dr. Florian Amann
Prof. Peter Kukla, Ph. D.
Prof. Dr. Florian Wagner
Prof. Florian Wellmann, Ph. D.
xCTingEnabling X-ray CT based Industry 4.0 process chains by training Next Generation research expertsProf. Dr. Robert SchmittPartner
NEW-MINEEU Training Network for Resource Recovery through Enhanced Landfill MiningProf. Dr. Thomas Pretz
Prof. Dr. Karl Bernhard Friedrich
REDMUDEuropean Training Network for Zero-waste Valorisation of Bauxite Residue (Red Mud)Prof. Dr. Karl Bernhard FriedrichPartner
BioImplant ITNEuropean Training Network to develop Improved Bioresorbable Materials for Orthopaedic and Vascular Implant ApplicationsProf. Dr. Thomas GriesPartner
FluidNETFluids driving the evolution of the continental crust: influence of pathway networks, fluxes, and time scalesProf. Dr. Susanne Buiter
Prof. Dr. Thomas Wagner
OXYTRAINHarnessing the power of enzymatic oxygen activationProf. Dr. Ulrich SchwanebergPartner
HPC-LEAPHigh Performance Computing in Life Sciences, Engineering And PhysicsProf. Paolo Carloni, Ph.D.Partner
NOWELTIESJoint PhD Laboratory for New Materials and Inventive Water Treatment Technologies. Harnessing resources effectively through innovationProf. Dr. Andreas SchäfferPartner
GRAPESlearninG, pRocessing, And oPtimising shapESProf. Dr. Leif KobbeltPartner
ModCompShockModelling and Computation of Shocks and InterfacesProf. Dr. Wolfgang DahmenPartner
MISSIONModels in Space Systems: Integration, Operation, and NetworkingProf. Dr. Joost-Pieter KatoenPartner
PAcMENPredictive and Accelerated Metabolic Engineering NetworkProf. Dr. Ulrich SchwanebergPartner
visuAALPrivacy-Aware and Acceptable Video-Based Technologies and Services for Active and Assisted LivingProf. Dr. Martina ZieflePartner
REMAROReliable AI for Marine RoboticsProf. Dr. Erika AbrahamPartner
STIMULATESimulation in multiscale physical and biological systemsProf. Paolo Carloni, Ph.D.Partner
Skill-For.ActionSkill-For.ActionProf. Dr. Jürgen RoßmannPartner
SuPER-WSustainable Product, Energy and Resource Recovery from WastewaterProf. Dr. Matthias WesslingPartner
ConCO2rdeTraining network on the conversion of CO2 by smart autotrophic biorefineriesProf. Dr. Lars Lauterbach
Prof. Dr. Lars Blank

Innovative Training Networks (FP7) with RWTH involvement

Acronym Title Contact RWTH as
AboutFlowAdjoint-based optimisation of industrial and unsteady flowsProf. Dr. Uwe NaumannPartner
COPA-GTCoupled Parallel Simulation of Gas TurbinesProf. Dr. Wolfgang SchröderPartner
HIERARCHYHierarchical assembly in controllable matricesProf. Dr. Martin MöllerPartner
iCareImproving Children’s Auditory RehabilitationProf. Dr. Janina FelsPartner
EDA-EMERGEInnovative biodiagnosis meets chemical structure elucidation – Novel tools in effect directed analysis to support the identification and monitoring of emerging toxicants on a European scaleProf. Dr. Henner HollertPartner
INTERAQCTInternational Network for the Training of Early stage Researchers on Advanced Quality control by Computed TomographyProf. Dr. Robert SchmittPartner
CREAMMechanistic effect models for the ecological risk assessment of chemicalsProf. Dr. Andreas SchäfferPartner
MULTIMODMultiscale Modeling of Chemical and Biochemical SystemsProf. Dr. Wolfgang MarquardtPartner
RED CATNatural Products and related Redox Catalysts: Basic Research and Applications in Medicine and AgricultureProf. Alan Slusarenko, Ph. D.Partner
PROVISIONPeRceptually Optimised Video compressionProf. Dr. Jens-Rainer OhmPartner
SCALESpeech communication with adaptive learningProf. Dr. Hermann NeyPartner
SPINOGRAPHSpintronics in GrapheneProf. Dr. Christoph StampferPartner
SUBICATSustainable Biomass Conversions by Highly Efficient Catalytic ProcessesProf. Dr. Walter LeitnerPartner

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