RWTH Materials Science and Engineering Division Hosts Information Day on Its Degree Programs


On Wednesday, June 15, 2022, students can bring their parents, teachers, and other interested parties along to get to know the Materials Science and Engineering Division at RWTH. 


From 2pm to 6 pm, the division will provide information on the different Bachelor's degree programs in materials science, materials engineering, and business administration and engineering: materials and process engineering. The event program includes trial lectures, the live casting of a 250-kilogram steel melt at the Foundry Institute, and the automated "Wabe" stirred tank. Visitors can also speak to subject advisors and first-semester students.

The development of innovative materials contributes to our quest for finding sustainable solutions to technical, social, and environmental problems. Around 70 percent of all technical innovations originated from newly developed materials. RWTH materials science and engineering students are researching, for example, bioceramics, modern energy storage systems, and CO2-free production engineering – they are looking for the "perfect" material to make innovations possible in a resource-conserving and energy-efficient way.

Further information is available on the Materials Science and Engineering Division website