RWTH “Schülerunis” In the Summer Vacation




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RWTH will be hosting “Schülerunis” on various different topics during the summer vacation period in North Rhine-Westphalia. Research topics, working methods, and requirements of courses of study are explained to the students in lectures, experiments, and institute visits, which helps support them in making a decision to study a certain subject. Participation is free of charge.

Registration is still open for the “Schüleruni” on the topics of Civil and Environmental Engineering and STEM Teacher Training Subjects: Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, and Chemistry, and Engineering – Developing Sustainable Technologies for the Future. High school students are invited to attend these special events.

At the "Engineering Taster University for Girls", female “Oberstufe” students can gain insights into the work of women engineers. In addition, girls aged 12 to 14 meet at "MINT & Fit" and get to try out three different sports in addition to attending daily workshops. Places are available here as well as the "MINT-Schüleruni" for students in grades 8 and 9 at “Gymnasium” schools or after grade 10 at “Gesamtschule” or “Realschule” schools. The participants visit one of the RWTH Learning Labs each day.