Digital Teaching in the Curriculum: Third Call – Categories 1 and 2 – June 2022

Project Contact Faculty/Department
Digital Teaching-Learning Tools to Support Practical Courses and Lectures Prof. Michael Schroeder Chemistry
Prof. Dominik Wöll
Onboarding in Computing in Physics Prof. Achim Stahl Physics
Digital Teaching Videos and Preparatory Materials for the Laboratory Course Quantum Technology Prof. Hendrik Bluhm Physics
Dr. Lars Schreiber
Ms. Lisa Otten
Green Box: Transdisciplinary Teaching Offer for Buildings With Green Areas Ms. Ayça Sancar Architecture
Planning in Existing Buildings: Interactive, interdisciplinary Toolkit/Serious Game Prof. Christian Raabe Architecture
Enhancing the Resilience of “Research Oriented Teaching” Through Digital transformation – ERROT Prof. Hani Sewilam Civil Engineering
Digitalization of Forming in Professional Training 2 Mr. Mirko Gröper Materials Science and Engineering
Digital English Additional Requirement Module for the Master's Degree Program in Engineering Geohazards (DEAM-EnGeoHaz) Prof. Klaus Reicherter Earth Sciences and Geography
Ms Nina Engels

Supporting the Learning Contents of the Module "Basic Areas of Electrical Engineering 2" via the Software Tools MATLAB and PLECS

Prof. Rik De Doncker Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Mr Michael Laumen

Producing Learning Videos and Self-Study Tasks for the Introductory Phase of Studies in Theology – Preparatory and Bridge Course

Prof. Daniela Blum Arts and Humanities
Ms Jacquline Wormstädt
Dr. Knut Wormstädt
VIBE – Virtual Acoustic Immersion for Advanced Bachelor’s Students of English

Prof. Stella Neumann

Arts and Humanities
Dr. Jessica Di Napoli
Dr. Anne-Coleman Webre
Dr. Lukas Aspöck Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Corporate Social Responsibility – Mandatory Module for the Master's in Business Administration

Ms. Prof. Stefanie Paluch

Business and Economics
Mr. Heiko Holz
Mr. Alexander Kies