Process Technician (Metal)


Specialization: Iron and Steel Metallurgy or Ferrous Metallurgy


Brief Info

  1. Secondary School-Leaving Certificate: Fachoberschulreife or guter Hauptschulabschluss
  2. Selection Process: application, interviews, trial period
  3. Personal Requirement: interest in technology and mechanical technical processes, interest in chemical processes, visual thinking, Vorliebe für den Umgang mit dem Werkstoff Metall, health, fitness, and immunity to high altitudes
  4. Aptitude Test: Yes. You must pass the test to continue on to the selection process.
  5. Length of Training: three and a half years
  6. Professional Association: Industrie- und Handelskammer Aachen
  7. Exam: mid exam and final exam
  8. Further Training: Hochofen- oder Stahlschmelzerin und -schmelzer, Industriemeisterin und -meister der Fachrichtung Hüttentechnik, Gießereitechnikerin und -techniker, Studiengang im Bereich Werkstofftechnik

Vocation Description

RWTH Aachen trains process engineers in metallurgy and semi-finished products. Process engineers in metallurgy and the semi-finished products industry are specialists in the production of pig iron and steel. They primarily work around furnaces and in steel mills, which create the pig iron, alloy steel, ferro alloys, pipes, and bright steel. Furthermore, they are also active in foundries. Some process engineers process iron or steel in recycling centers.


Practical Training

  • in shop floors
  • at measurement, control and test cells
  • in operational facilities

School Training

Vocational training courses take place either weekly or in block form at the Berufskolleg Eschweiler.


Salary, Job Ticket, and Vacation during Training

Training Salary:

1st Training Year: 1,086.82 euros

2nd Training Year: 1,140.96 euros

3rd Training Year: 1,190.61 euros

4th Training Year: 1,259.51 euros

Contributions to capital formation: 13.29 euros

Job Ticket: starting July 1, 2023, 24 euros a month

Christmas Bonus: 95 percent of November salary

Vacation Days: 30 days a year