UNITECH International to Meet at RWTH


Network of European universities and industry partners.


From August 26 to September 2, representatives of UNITECH International will meet for General Assembly Week at RWTH Aachen University. RWTH is the only university in Germany in this network of eight European universities, ten industry partners, and approximately 1,400 alums. The UNITECH International Network enables engineering, computer science, physics, and biotechnology students to spend a semester abroad and complete an internship.

With the help of coaches and alums, UNITECH International promotes not only students’ technical skills but also explicitly soft skills, empathy, communication skills, project management, and successful teamwork in an international context. Students, among other things, can make direct contact with company partners at a trade fair and then apply for a centrally coordinated job interview while still in the program. Companies, for their part, get to meet talented individuals who demonstrate enormously high levels of commitment and achievement during their studies that go far beyond purely technical qualifications.

UNITECH’s meeting in Aachen also aims to facilitate and encourage industry and universities to expand their network relationships. It is a perfect opportunity for members to initiate joint projects or other collaborative work.