Prestigious Award for RWTH Environmental Researchers




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Dr. Thomas Preuss of the Institute for Environmental Research at RWTH Aachen University has been awarded the 2011 Cefic LRI Innovative Science Award. The prize is awarded in varying fields every year by the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic). The prize, valued at €100,000, is awarded to researchers working on new interdisciplinary research ideas in the field of environmental toxicology.

  Thomas Preuß Copyright: © private Photo: The Aachen biologist, Thomas Preuss, was awarded in Brussels for his environmental research.

The thirty-eight-year-old works in ecological risk assessment, which focuses on the mechanistic analysis and prediction of the effects of chemicals on biological systems. Nowadays, chemicals are frequently developed and produced- applications range from pharmaceuticals to industrial materials to cleaning agents for the household. However they then enter the environment and can have damaging biological effects there. Preuss’ research focus is the application of various mechanical modeling techniques. Through the modeling, the complexity and dynamics of biological systems are reproduced. His research focuses on the biological level of proteins and individual organisms all the way to populations and ecosystems.

The biologist is head of the European group of experts MeMoRisk- short for Mechanical Effect Models for the Environment Risk Assessment from Chemicals- of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, and is active as an external expert for the European Food Safety Authority. In the past he has been acknowledged multiple times for his doctoral thesis. The prize, awarded in Brussels, enables him to carry out research on environmental risk assessment.