Tips for Uploading Your Photo

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In order to create your RWTH BlueCard, we need a photo that clearly resembles you at the the time of application.  Your BlueCard photograph and identity will be checked when you pick up your new card so be sure to bring your personal identification card.  If you go to pick up your RWTH BlueCard, and we determine that you uploaded a photo that does not clearly identify you, you will need to get a new picture taken at the BlueCard Service Point, so that we can issue you a new BlueCard.  There is a processing fee of 10€.


Properties of Your Photo on the RWTH BlueCard

Properties of Your Photo on the RWTH BlueCard
Size 18 x 24 mm
Aspect Ratio 3:4
Resolution at least 212x283, higher resolutions tend to give sharper photographs
File Format JPG
Maximum File Size 10 MB


Photo Sample Template

Our guidelines are roughly set using the photo sample template from the Federal Printing Office.  However we have consciously chosen to not use all the specific format guidelines.


Your Photo Should Fulfill the Following Specifications

Color & Background

You can upload either a color photo or one in black and white. No specific background color is required, but it should be as neutral as possible, so that you can be clearly identified. Please note: No one and nothing else should be visible in the photo.

Head Position and Facial Expression

Your head can be slightly tilted or turned, like a half profile photo, in the photo, as long as you can still be properly identified. Smiling is allowed. Grimacing, however, will be interpreted as a fun photos and such photos will not be accepted.

Please note: Head coverings are not allowed in the photo, except for religious reasons. In this event: Your face from the bottom of the chin to the top of the forehead must be clearly shown. Shadows on your face are not acceptable.


Eyes and Eye Gaze

Please look directly into the camera. Your eyes must be open and clearly visible. They should not be obstructed by hair or glasses frames.

Please note: Reflections on the glasses lenses, tinted lenses, and sunglasses are not allowed.

You've thought of everything?

Then upload your photo to RWTH SelfService.


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