Leadership Certificate

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Dagmar Grübler

Program Coordinator


+49 241 80-99120



Academic and administrative executives at the middle management level, for example postdocs, non-professorial academic staff, or heads of departments can obtain the Leadership certificate. This is mandatory for executives in permanent positions.


Leadership Certificate

There are two ways to earn the Leadership certificate:

1. You can choose freely from the following modules offered by the Center for Professional Leadership (CPL):

  • Leadership Skills – at least four seminar days, including mandatory participation in the three-day workshop “Leadership at RWTH”
  • Personal Development and/or Module Research and Innovation Skills – at least three seminar days
  • Commitment – at least two seminar days
  • We-Feeling – at least one seminar day

For the issuance of your certificates please contact Dagmar Grübler and submit your certificates of participation as PDF documents.

2. You complete the Certificate Course for Executives in Science, Administration, and Technology.

The target group is comprised of non-professorial academic executives as well as managers in technology and administration. The course consists of six two-day course units with a fixed group of participants, spread out over a period of approximately 15 months. You can register for the course by within the registration period, which will be announced in due course.


I was delighted with the leadership course! The group was a good mix of researchers and administrative staff; the coach was confident, knowledgeable and process-focused; and the collaboration with my colleagues was fun and inspiring. The content and methodical approach help me a lot in my role as a leader. I am already looking forward to the next modules of the course and would like to say thank you for this opportunity to learn and develop!

Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Schmenk, Head of Corporate Development and Communications, ITA, RWTH Aachen University