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The Dean's List is a program here at RWTH to honor the top five percent of the best students in each academic year and graduating cohort. The Dean’s List is used to identify outstanding students early on and encourage them along their career path.



Neslihan Congar

Dean's List Events


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For Dean's List Students

As part of the Dean's List program, we offer a variety of workshops each semester, topics include Assessment Center & Interviewing, Self-Marketing, Career Skills, and Career Planning and Launching to help Dean's List students with their career launch process. These workshops either take place online or in a face-to-face format.

In addition to the workshop offerings, we organize events for Dean's List students with partners from industry, business, and academia to prepare students for their careers and the wide range of opportunities that lie ahead for them.


For Dean's List Alumni

Were you part of the Dean's List during your studies and would you like to talk about your experience?

Then feel free to check out our Dean's List Alumni page.



Are or were you on the Dean’s List and would like to network with former and current Dean’s List students? Then join our Dean’s List LinkedIn group below.


Dean's List FAQ

What does the Career Center do for the Dean's List?

The Career Center is responsible for sending out certificates and organizing and coordinating seminar offerings for Dean's List students. In addition, the Career Center counselors provide support with career planning activities.

Does the Career Center also offer subject-specific events?

No, our focus is on providing services for all students, regardless of subject are or degree program. The faculties are responsible for organizing subject-specific events.

Who can I contact if I have suggestions on new workshops or event formats?

We look forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions! Please get in touch with us at the 

What do I do if I have not received my certificate?

If you have been notified by email that you are on the Dean's List but did not receive a certificate by mail, please get in touch with the by email.

Our company is interested in getting in touch with Dean's List students.

If you are interested in reaching out to our Dean's List students, please feel free to contact us by . We will be happy to provide you with detailed information about our recruitment services.


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