Sustainability Network


The aim of RWTH's internal sustainability network is to establish clear and transparent communication channels and show who is responsible for sustainability topics and acts as contact and facilitator in the different areas and across all levels of RWTH. This allows all university members every opportunity to stay in touch and regularly share and discuss their ideas on this important topic.

Organizational Unit Sustainability Officer
Student Council of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Chemistry Student Council
Biosciences Student Council
Faculty 1
Faculty 2
Faculty 3
Faculty 4
Faculty 5 – Division of Materials Science and Engineering
Faculty 5 – Division of Earth Sciences and Geography
Faculty 5 – Division of Mineral Resources and Raw Materials Engineering
Faculty 6
Faculty 8
Faculty 10
Center for Circular Economy
Center for Sustainable Hydrogen Systems
Human Technology Center (HumTec)
Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) Hub
Department 2
Department 3
Department 4
Department 5
Department 7
Department 8
Department 9
Department 11
Department 12
Staff Unit – Relationship Management
Staff Unit – Marketing
AStA General Students' Committee
Language Center (SZ)
IT Center
University Library
Representatives for Staff with Disabilities
University Sports Center