RWTH Awards an Adjunct Professorship to Christoph Brücker

Four men, two of whom are holding an award in their hands. Copyright: © Andreas Schmitter

The scientist from City University London is an expert in the field of flow control.


Christoph Brücker, Professor of Aeronautical Engineering and Head of the Center for Aeronautics and Aerospace Research at City University London (CUL), has been awarded the title of "Adjunct Professor" by RWTH. The University awards this title to internationally renowned professors in order to strengthen cooperation with important partner universities and research institutions. The Adjunct Professorship is initially awarded for a period of three to five years and can then be extended. "Christoph Brücker is very active on an interdisciplinary level and he is predestined for such an award - it's really a win-win situation for both him and RWTH," explained Professor Wolfgang Schröder, Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; it was this faculty that applied for the professorship to be awarded.

The award to Christoph Brücker will deepen the expansion of international relations with CUL. RWTH's existing collaborations with Brücker's London-based research group will now strengthen academic ties, enabling mutual access to research infrastructures. In addition, student exchanges between the two universities are to be stepped up.

Flow expert Brücker studied mechanical engineering in Aachen, where he also completed his doctorate and habilitation. His path led to the TU Bergakademie Freiberg in 2005 and to the CUL in 2015. Immediately after this move, his research was honored by another co-professorship sponsored by the Royal Academy of Engineering. His research interests include flow control, biomimetics and sensor technology for autonomous systems.

With his expertise in flow processes, Brücker is already a partner of RWTH - among others in the international research project "Cyclical Processes in Underground Pump Storage Power Plants". The joint interdisciplinary research on sustainable energy storage issues will now be expanded with the adjunct professorship. Further research activities on sustainable flow systems, such as fish-permeable flow passages, are in preparation.


Dean Professor Wolfgang Schröder (2nd from left), presents the Adjunct Professorship certificate to Professor Christoph Brücker; he is also congratulated by the Dean's Spokesman Professor Peter Kukla (left) and the Senate Chairman Professor Kai-Uwe Schröder (right).