ika-Meetup: Automated Driving and E-Mobility


At the ika-Meetups, it’s all about designing the future of mobility. The three main topics – automated driving, e-mobility, HMI and user experience – will summarize the basic foundations of future mobility and address the still unanswered questions in these research areas.

Modeled after similar Silicon Valley events, the ika meetups are also held in a somewhat relaxed fashion. Typically – or when the meetups take place in person at RWTH – there is a lively discussion after the presentation over snacks and drinks, allowing the participants to mingle and connect with others. While we are still weathering the Coronavirus pandemic, however, the talks will, of course, have to be given online in virtual meetings. Afterward, you will still have an opportunity to ask the speakers questions and discuss the topic with others.

Our speakers are proven experts from research and industry who look forward to presenting the latest research and development topics to you. Their talks are explicitly not meant to be purely scientific lectures but will focus on technical solutions and practical applications.

They aim to address not just experts from the automotive sector (engineering colleagues and scientific and technical staff) but also students or, for that matter, anyone interested and enthusiastic about the subject. Please note that all of the talks will be held in German.

Thursday, May 20, 2021, 6:00pm

Wo kann ich parken? – Effiziente Parkraumnutzung durch Verkehrstelematik

Michael Hösch (Neurosoft)

Efficient use of scarce parking space is a challenge for which many new solutions can be found on the basis of infrastructure-based intelligent traffic telematics. In his talk, Michael Hösch will use three exemplary projects on traffic telematics parking to show how the necessary information for efficient control of parking space occupancy can be collected and used. For example, cameras are used to detect unique characteristics for vehicle identification or determine the speed profile. However, laser scanners also support vehicle detection and silhouette capture. The data collected can then be used to provide drivers with information and instructions.

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Thursday, June 24, 2021, 6:00pm

2 Speed Powershift EDS – Facing the challenge of shifting for e-drives

Joachim Trumpff (Getec Getriebe Technik GmbH)

How to set out electric motors has become a matter of philosophy. As always in technology, there is never just the one right way. Engineers must always weigh the advantages and disadvantages against each other. Analyses show that more gears can be beneficial for efficiency, especially in high-performance applications or heavy cars. Customers in the market for an electric car demand a comfortable driving experience - no interruption of acceleration when shifting gears. A powershift 2-speed EDS concept has now been developed to address this challenge and is being presented here.

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