ARCHES Prize for German-Israeli Research Project


RWTH Professor Nina Kolleck honored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research


Professor Nina Kolleck from the Diversity Teaching and Research Department at the RWTH Institute of Educational Science and Dr. Miri Yermini from Tel Aviv University have been presented with the “Award for Research Cooperation and Highest Excellence in Science,” ARCHES for short.

The social sciences scholars were honored for their research on the mutual influence between schools, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and foundations, conducted as part of a project entitled “The ‘Start of a Beautiful Friendship?’ – Comparative Study of German and Israeli School NGO Interactions Across Different Socio-economic Strata.” The project seeks to identify and analyze the interests, goals and strategies of such institutions. Through their involvement in schools, for example, NGOs and foundations can exert a considerable influence on society.

The prize, worth 200,000 euros, aims to support German-Israeli collaboration in science and research.

Nina Kolleck studied political science, economics, psychology and educational sciences at the University of Potsdam; in 2010, she earned her doctorate from Freie Universität Berlin. Since September 2018, the professor of educational research and social systems has acted as a temporary professor at the RWTH Institute of Educational Science.