Professor Achim Kampker


Vice-Dean for Studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, RWTH Aachen University

Prof. Dr. Achim Kampker Copyright: © Medienfabrik Andreas Kuehlken

Should we return to full live courses after the pandemic, continue to offer online-only teaching, or do hybrid teaching?

We should take advantage of both formats and thus offer hybrid forms.

Which teaching formats would you like to see online, which ones in personal settings?

Wherever teaching is built on strong interactions and on-site experience (for example, experiments), we still need face-to-face sessions. Further, the "in-person experience" is important for assessing learning progress.

Your vision: What should the successor model of a traditional lecture look like that integrates research and "doing" (no matter whether in presence or online)?

We should take advantage of the opportunities that ensue from combining practice and theory, real projects, and teaching with all the means at our disposal. We need to make much more use of the combination of research, teaching, and direct projects with practice to transform more quickly.

Will lecturers still be needed in ten years' time or will AI/robots be enough to keep teaching?

We need cutting-edge instructors.

A number of demands are coming from industry and society as to what universities should include in their curricula in the future. If studies are not to be extended, one must also ask what we will no longer need in the future. Do you have any suggestions?

We need to allow more diversity and have a discussion about how much of a common foundation is absolutely necessary.