Yana Aschenbrenner


Yana Aschenbrenner is in her third semester of civil engineering at RWTH and handed out bags to graduates at the 2021 Graduation Celebration, helped set up beforehand, gave directions to guests, and supervised artists on the second day.

  Yana Aschenbrenner Copyright: © Heike Lachmann

Why did you get involved as a helper?

I found it very interesting to follow the process and to be able to see behind the scenes. All the tasks and the entire process were explained well in advance, so you knew directly what to do, used your time wisely, and were pleased at the end that you were really able to help.

How was the cooperation among the helpers?

By working in small groups to complete a task, it was easy to get to know new people. Everyone was very nice and we got along very well with each other.

How did you feel about the overall atmosphere, including seeing the graduates with their families and friends?

The atmosphere at the event was very nice. Everyone there was in a very good mood, so you went home with a big smile at the end of your shift.

Did you imagine how you, too, would later participate as a graduate?

Yes, definitely! It also gave me a boost of motivation for my own studies.

Would you be a helper again?

If it works out with my schedule, then certainly!