Gesa Krauhausen


Gesa Krauhausen is studying the Bachelor's degree program in civil engineering at RWTH and is currently spending a semester abroad in Sheffield (England). She distributed caps, sashes, and gift bags to graduates at the  2021 Graduation Celebration.

  Gesa Krauhausen Copyright: © Gesa Krauhausen

Gesa had spontaneously decided to join in as a helper and was very taken with the spectacular atmosphere among the helpers:

Everyone supported each other when help was needed in another area. It was a very nice and special atmosphere. Especially since the event could not take place the previous year due to the pandemic. For many, it was also an opportunity to finally meet fellow students and friends again. The event also represented a nice end to a year of remote teaching.

Looking at the graduates and their proud families, Gesa also saw herself inside the stadium and felt excited:

I can only recommend everyone to also get involved as a helper to experience this special atmosphere, to look forward even more to their own graduation.