Humza Mirza

  Humza Mirza Copyright: © Heike Lachmann

Humza Mirza is in his sixth semester of the Master's degree program in aerospace engineering Master's at RWTH and got involved in the 2021 Graduate Celebration...

Because I believe social and community involvement do a lot of good for the people around us. And I was also able to get a lot out of it myself, because it was very inspiring to welcome the graduates with their families and to see them celebrating their successful graduation together.

What other experiences did you gain as a helper?

It was a coordinated, dynamic team effort with the other helpers from dozens of different countries and degree programs. The open helper office made it possible to have personal conversations, build trust, and give feedback.

How did you feel about the atmosphere overall?

The speech, the cultural Mexican folk dance, the music, the graduates entering the stadium, and the traditional and symbolic cap-throwing were very exciting for me and just unique in general.

Did you also think about your own graduation?

Yes, I imagined it, and of course, various thoughts went through my mind. One of those thoughts was that a degree gives us opportunities for self-fulfillment in our professional and personal lives. Another thought was that learning will remain an important part of our lives.
But before that, I would like to be a helper again!