Jan Bergner


Jan Bergner is in his fifth semester of the Bachelor's degree program in business administration at RWTH. At the 2021 Graduation Celebration, he had the tasks of 3G entrance control and he also helped with the set-up.

  Jan Bergner Copyright: © Heike Lachmann

What was your motivation for helping out at the Graduation Celebration?

I wanted to know how the event works and what to expect later on. Also, I like the idea of giving the graduates a nice ceremony and being part of the whole thing.

What experiences did you have?

First of all, I felt needed the whole time I was working and I especially liked being on access control because I came in contact with guests there. Among the helpers, I found it great that so many different age groups, nationalities, and courses of study were represented. All in all, there were so many different employees and, above all, RWTH students. We all got along well with each other, had fun at work, which was, of course, also aided by the great weather. It was a fantastic atmosphere.

Do you have a personal highlight?

Later, we were able to watch the graduates enter the stadium. You could see the relief in the eyes of the graduates, which motivated me personally even further to want to be at that situation soon as well.

Then you will definitely want to participate again as a helper?

Absolutely! I really liked the relaxed atmosphere and the good feeling after the work was done. At the end, each of us received a small bag with tasty snacks and other things, which was very nice.