Alex Hosseini


Alex Hosseini is in his fifth semester of biomedicine at FH Aachen. At the 2021 Graduation Celebration, he was involved as a helper by setting up, packing the gift bags, and serving as a guide.

  Alex Hosseini Copyright: © Heike Lachmann

An FH Aachen student helping at RWTH's Graduation Celebration? Great!

My flatmate Dennis Bauer studies at RWTH and had applied to be a helper. He told me about it and then I really wanted to meet some cool students from RWTH. I was also curious and wanted to know what the event at RWTH was like.

Did you enjoy it?

Yes, it was a nice experience! Everything went great! And seeing the graduates with their families was truly touching. I can imagine that it would be really fun if FH Aachen and RWTH hosted a joint graduation ceremony. Or maybe just a big party for graduates?

Would you like to help out again in September 2022?

Sure! I would like to be involved again, and I really hope it does not overlap with my own university's ceremony.